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Monday, December 06, 2021

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Written by Jayashree Narayanan | Pune |
November 9, 2021 12:30:44 pm
diabetes, what should people with diabetes know about health, diabetes and healthy lifestyle, health rules for diabetics, diabetics and health, indian express news Check your blood sugar levels before and after exercise and avoid exercising if your blood sugar levels are too high or too low. (Representational image/Pixabay)

Blood sugar or glucose is the body’s main source of energy. As such, when one has abnormally low blood sugar levels, the body’s ability to properly function may get impaired and lead to hypoglycemia or low blood glucose levels.

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How common is hypoglycemia?,best sports bet

The condition is common among people with type 1 diabetes and those with type 2 diabetes who take insulin shots or consume other diabetes medicines. “In an international study of people with diabetes who take insulin, published in Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism journal, four in five people with type 1 diabetes and approximately 50 per cent of those with type 2 diabetes reported low blood sugar levels at least once a month,” said Dr Swapnil Shah, M.D. E.C.F.M.G.(USA), wellness physician and diabetologist, Lyfstyle Wellness.

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tennis racket,Hypoglycemia is a much bigger problem than hyperglycemia (high sugars) because the sympathetic nervous system kicks in increasing adrenaline, cortisol, and growth hormones ultimately resulting in increased heart rate, blood pressure, said Dr Dilip Gude, senior consultant physician, and diabetologist, Yashoda hospitals Hyderabad.

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“This heightened response may result in heart attacks in those with already existing heart disease. Additionally, if severe hypoglycemia is not reversed in less than 20 minutes, there may be irreversible damage to the brain as well,” he said.,tennis shoes table

Fear of hypoglycemia can cause the patient to take less insulin to ensure their blood sugar level doesn’t go too low. This can lead to uncontrolled diabetes at times, mentioned Dr Ashutosh Goyal, senior consultant, endocrinology, Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon.

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Fast heartbeat
Inability to concentrate
Irritability or moodiness
Anxiety or nervousness

Some uncommon symptoms may develop in severe hypoglycemia, which includes:
*Loss of consciousness

“Since these symptoms are not specific to hypoglycemia, it is advisable to measure the blood sugar levels when a person with diabetes experiences them. In that case, one would know whether the symptoms have developed due to abnormal glucose levels,” noted Dr Shah.

Causes of diabetic hypoglycemia,zsig tennis equipment

Taking too much insulin or consuming an excess of diabetes medications
Postponing or skipping a meal or a snack
Not eating enough (taking in less glucose)
Doing too much exercise (using up glucose) without adjusting diabetes medications
Drinking alcohol

Treatment,usl meaning soccer

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aaa soccer jersey yupoo,While mild to moderate hypoglycemia can be easily treated, severe hypoglycemia can cause serious complications like passing out, coma, and rarely death, said Dr Shah.

According to Dr Shah, frequent hypoglycemia episodes can result in:,betting sites free bonus no deposit

*Elevated blood sugar levels; if worry or fear of hypoglycemia prevents one from taking medicines, one needs to manage their diabetes
*Hypoglycemia unawareness, a condition in which one may not notice any symptoms of low blood glucose until the blood glucose level has dropped very low

volleyball restaurant near me,Prevention

soccer shoes winnipeg,Dr Shah mentioned that people with diabetes should take the following actions to prevent hypoglycemia

*Checking blood sugar levels regularly using a glucometer
*Making sure to include enough carbohydrates in daily meals and snacks
*Carrying a candy, fruit juice or a dry snack along
*Monitoring blood sugar levels before, during and after any physical activity or exercise and adjusting medicines accordingly with the help of a doctor
*Regularly following up with your doctor and taking medicines as prescribed

soccer meaning explained,Avoiding sulfonylureas, minimising insulin dose per day, switching to safer second-generation basal insulins, gliptins, SGLT2 inhibitors, GLP1R agonists, metformin, alpha-glucosidase inhibitors, etc with optimal diet and exercise will help one minimise their hypoglycemia risk, recommended Dr Gude. “Continuous glucose monitoring devices are available which give a minute-by-minute update on sugar levels and alarm when sugars go low or high. This helps one understand the risk and act accordingly,” he mentioned.

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