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What's the Chinese word for soccer? Here's how you say it. Chinese Translation. 足球. Zúqiú. More Chinese words for soccer. 足球 noun. Zúqiú football.

What is "Soccer" in Mandarin Chinese and how to say it?

Learn the word for "Soccer" and other related vocabulary in Mandarin Chinese so that you can talk about Sports with confidence. Play with your words! You can learn Mandarin Chinese in just 5 minutes a day with our free app!

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soccer. n u 足 球 [zúqiú] 英 = football 英 = football. Translation English - Chinese Collins Dictionary. See also: sober, source, socket, scarce. Add your entry in the Collaborative Dictionary. Suggest or Ask for translation/definition.

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soccer translate: 英式足球,足球. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Chinese simplified Dictionary.

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To help you talk about this huge event with your Chinese colleagues or friends, here are 25 useful vocabulary words for talking about soccer/football in Chinese: 球场 – qiú chǎng pitch/field 球员 – qiú yuán player 教练 – jiào liàn coach 前场 – qián chǎng front field 中场 – zhōng chǎng midfield 后场 – hòu chǎng backfield

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sports such as soccer, basketball and volleyball that use large balls / see also 小球 Tip: In the character dictionary, entering multiple pinyin syllables will result in multiple searches on one result page.

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zú qiú. This the word for football or soccer in Chinese. As with most of the world, football is very popular in China. During the World Cup, the whole country seems to shut down to watch (regardless of whether Team China is playing or not). Soccer is probably the 3rd most popular participation sport in China (after ping pong and badminton).

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The pronunciation in pinyin is written tīzúqiúor ti1zu2qiu2. Here the english translation of that chinese word and audio file (mp3). English Translation. play football. play soccer. tīzúqiú. 踢. tī. 足.

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