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One of the 6 basic skills. The key skills used to receive the opponent's attack are digging and sprawling. The dig resembles a forearm pass from a low ready position and is used more for balls that are hit near the defender. The sprawl is a result of an attempted dig for a ball hit farther. away from the defender. It resembles a dive.

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Volleyball Vocabulary. An attempt by a player to win a point by hitting the ball over the net. To let the ball settle into the hands briefly on a shot instead of releasing it immediately. Nice work! You just studied 10 terms! Now up your study game with Learn mode.

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An unsuccessful attack which does one of the following: 1) the ball lands out of bounds, 2) the ball goes into the net and terminates play or goes into the net on the third hit, 3) the ball is blocked by the opposition for a point or sideout, 4) the attacker is called for a center line violation, or 5) the attacker is called for illegal contact ...

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colocar. to set. sacar. to serve. double-hit. hitting the ball 2 times in succession, not allowed. boundary lines. líneas de la pista. inbound.

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Start studying Volleyball Vocabulary word. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

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a one-handed soft hit into the opponent's court using the fingertips. The offensive action of hitting the ball. a line 3m from the net that separates the front row players from the back row players. A defensive play by one or more front row players meant to intercept a spiked ball.

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Volleyball was created in 1891 by William G. Morgan, an instructor at the YMCA in Massachusetts. He decided to blend elements of basketball, baseball, tennis and handball to create what he called "mintonette". The first game was played at Springfield College.

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Volleyball Vocabulary 4-2 Offense - An offensive formation where a team designates two setters, each of whom set from the right front position. 5-1 Offense - An offensive formation where a team has one designated setter and five offensive attackers. 6-2 Offense - An offensive formation with two designated back row setters.

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– Any volleyball game with people who don’t really know how to play volleyball. A common euphemism for this type of game is “Picnic Volleyball.” JUMP SERVE – A serve that is started by the server tossing the ball into the air and jumping into and hitting the ball in its downward motion. JOUST – When 2 opposing players are simultaneously