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low position - once you get to your "read" position, touch the floor as the set goes to the hitter (or in drills as coach tosses ball up to hit) feet to the ball - take as many steps as necessary to get to the ball - run if you have to, but get TO the ball!

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will become an invaluable resource for you. Volleyball Skills & Drills is a compendium of skill and drill instructions from the very best coaches in the game today and is presented to you by the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA). The six major skills of volleyball—serving, receiving, setting, attacking, blocking, and dig-

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http.7/www.volleybaHdriHs.tv/volleyball-drills/are-you-the-queen-of-the-volleyball-court • Set a goal number of points. We'll say 10. The teams only earn points on the queen side. • One side of court is named the "winner (Monarch) side" and the other is the "challenger side." • Put one team on each side (make them race to earn the court).

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Overhead Passing/Setting Keys 1. Passing a. Hands up early in the shape of the ball, elbows are out. b. Extend (like a basketball chest pass)-superman pose-freeze hands like a double high 5. c. Face the ball, square to the target-usually make the target the OH position. d. Footwork should be right left right. 2. Overhead Passing/Setting Principles a.

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1. Error-cause-correction: ball set too tight to net. Square the hips, knees and feet to the 5 position. Keep set 3’ off the net. 2. Error-cause-correction: 5-ball set too far inside. Extend follow-through out and use arms and legs together. Transfer weight forward. 3. Error-cause-correction: ball set too far inside for 15 set. Contact set same as for 5.

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5 Volleyball Setting Drills to Develop Strong and Accurate Sets The setter position is the most complex role on a volleyball team. Similar to a midfielder in soccer, a point guard in basketball, or a quarterback in American football, virtually all offensive attacks go through the setter.

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Volleyball Setting Drills Whether you need to work on your setter's technique, vision, accuracy or connection with the hitters, you'll find all of the volleyball setter drills you need to master the skill of setting.

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This drill involves a setter going back and forth under the net setting for both teams. This volleyball setting drill starts by the coach tossing a team a free ball. The ball is passed up to the setter and the setter runs a play. The hitter places the ball deep by tipping, hitting a high arcing shot or taking the ball overhead with the hands.

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DRILL DESCRIPTION: Two partners face each other from a distance of 20 feet and set the ball back and forth. This exaggerated distance helps develop hand and wrist strength and makes a setter better at smaller distances. This replicates setting the ball crosscourt during a match accuracy is just as important as setting to a nearby hitter.